SiteNode 3G+ | Telemisis extend leadership with the launch of latest ultra-low power SitePro Node


Telemisis Launch SiteNode 3G+

Extended connectivity for more sophisticated Industrial monitoring and control applications

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM, 3rd October 2017: Telemisis, a leading provider of Industrial IoT and remote monitoring and control solutions for industrial and telecommunications applications, today announces the launch of SiteNode3G+, our latest, ultra-low power remote telemetry unit.

With extended input and output capabilities, SiteNode 3G+ is designed for use in more sophisticated industrial monitoring and control applications. SiteNode 3G+ also provides extended protocol support, with the introduction of enhanced Modbus support and IP transparency.

Our in-house design team have poured over 100 man-years of experience into the design and manufacture of Telemisis SiteNode 3G+, bringing extended connectivity and enhanced protocol support to SitePro, our end-to-end remote monitoring and control solution.



   Serial RS232:
   Serial RS485:
   Modbus TCP:
   Modbus RTU RS232:
Multi-drop  Modbus RTU RS485:
   IP Protocol Transparency:
   SNMP Remote Access:


Serial Ports:  3 (2x RS232 + 1x isolated RS485)
Port Options:  1x CANbus or additional RS485
Inputs:  27 (Software configurable as either digital or analogue inputs)
Isolated Analogue Inputs:  3
Open Collector Outputs:  7
MicroLAN:  Dallas 1-wire
Ethernet:  1

With its extended capabiliities SiteNode 3G+ provides an easy migration path to more sophisticated industrial monitoring and control applications, that require more connectivity

Chris Begent, Commercial Director, Telemisis


  Extended connectivity options
  Data Integrity and security
  Solid-state technology
  Communications fall back

  Enhanced protocol support
  Versatile deployment
  Easy installation
  Remotely upgradeable



Retaining the power supply interfaces, size, and weight of SiteNode and SiteNode 3G, SiteNode 3G+ provides easy migration to more sophisticated site and equipment configurations.

SiteNode 3G+ is also compatible with all versions of SitePro.

The enhanced protocol options of SiteNode 3G+ are also now available on SiteNode 3G via a firmware upgrade.

Our range of ultra-low power nodes, are specifically designed to reliably collect sensor data, control remote equipment, and ensure integrity of communication with a central SitePro server.

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Telemisis designs and manufactures advanced remote monitoring and control solutions for all business sectors. Telemisis has extensive experience in remote site equipment management solutions, including power source optimisation and control. The Telemisis team has over 100 years combined experience in end-to-end solutions delivered to the generator, industrial and telecommunications sectors. For more information about Telemisis, visit

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