SitePro – Server and User Interface

SitePro SitePro – Server and User Interface

User Interface

SitePro has a highly powerful and comprehensive graphical user interface, where all of the live and historical information from the remote assets connected to the server is available and where the system can be configured.

Secure access to the SitePro user interface is provided through a user name and password, to which user privileges are assigned. It is possible to restrict the assets that are available to each user and also which operations are available through the user interface. This provides multi-layered control of system access and simplifies the information individual users will see.

The primary system views are either geographical on the inbuilt mapping or using the tabular views as indicated below. Either view allows access through the hierarchy of sites and assets enabling the user to quickly narrow down the number of sites being viewed. The left side bar, allows quick access to a estate or group wide overview of asset status.

Telemisis SitePro - Summary View

Telemisis SitePro - Collections View

Telemisis has uniquely broken the hard link between Remote Telemetry Unit and the definition of the remote asset. By using the Collections feature, users are able to define, group, monitor and control multiple remote assets connected to the same SiteNode, e.g, Generator 1, Generator 2, Inverter, Day Tank etc. User credentials can be provided that only provide access to certain assets or sites that may be spread across multiple regions, while keeping the others secret and secure.

SitePro raises alarms and events, categorised by four levels of severity, Critical, Major, Minor and Information; each of which can be handled differently. For instance, typically Information level events are stored and not displayed unless requested. Minor events are stored and displayed but can easily be filtered out. SMS and Email notifications of alarms and events can be sent to predefined distribution lists. Distribution lists are configurable by region, severity, type or individually configured by asset. There are multiple levels of configuration to ensure alarms are delivered to the correct people, with the right level of importance and escalated if no resolution is achieved.

Server Deployment Model

The SitePro system is based on a modular, enterprise architecture, which has been designed to scale from low volume installations to large-scale, multi-national monitoring and control deployments. The flexible nature of the system allows SitePro to be tailored to suite the specific requirements of your remote monitoring and control program.

As monitoring and control demands grow, either through increase in the number of assets connected to the system and/or an increase in the number of system users, SitePro scales seamlessly. If required, the initial deployment can be provided as a Cloud based SaaS before migrating to dedicated self-hosted servers, as demand grows.

Remote upgrade

SiteNodes in the field have both firmware and software running on them, which can be automatically or manually updated over the air, through the SitePro Server. This provides an effective method of keeping the system current without needing to perform expensive visits to remote assets in order to undertake the work.

Further information

Further information about the SitePro server and user interface operation can be found in a brochure, which is now available to download.

SitePro – Mobile Application

The Telemisis SitePro – Mobile Application delivers the power of Telemisis’ family of advanced remote monitoring and control solutions to your finger tips, whenever and wherever you are.

Deploying the Telemisis SitePro – Mobile Application alongside SitePro – Machine Manager or SitePro – Site Manager, allows you to stay in touch with your portfolio of sites or machines, using only a smartphone or tablet.

Operators of large portfolios of sites, can benefit from the deployment of SitePro Mobile Application alongside the “classic” desktop graphical user interface by providing monitoring access to a larger more mobile workforce. If you are operating a smaller portfolio of assets, the power of the SitePro – Mobile Application may be sufficient to fulfil all your monitoring and control needs, without the need for a central operations centre.

Telemisis SitePro Mobile Application

SitePro – Mobile Application is designed to optimise the use of the SitePro suite of products, when on the move. Keeping you in control of your portfolio of sites or machines no matter where you are. The SitePro – Mobile Application complements the “classic” SitePro web based graphical user interface, by delivering the critical information you choose to mobile devices. By selecting a location on a map, scanning the barcode of a SiteNode using the camera on a smartphone or tablet or selecting from a list of favourite assets, it is possible to quickly and conveniently access the critical information for individual assets or groups of sites or machines.


  • Status summary
  • Active alarms
  • Maintenance events and schedule
  • Location
  • Graphs of key parameters

Additional parameters are available specifically for machines monitoring and control applications, such as for generators, chillers and compressors:

  • Machine run status
  • Fuel level of primary and secondary tank

Key Features

SitePro – Mobile Application allows you to retain control. By bringing all of the user permissions available in the “classic” web based graphical user interface to the mobile environment, access to features can be restricted based upon individual user, user organisation, access profile or security policy.

  • Connector.


    Mobile monitoring of key parameters by individual asset or by groups:
    - Communications status

    - Asset status
    - Active alarms
    - Predefined graphs for key parameters
    - Maintenance events/schedule
    - Location
    - Machine run status
    - Fuel level in primary and secondary tanks

  • Connector.

    Operating Systems

    - Apple iOS 6 and above
    - Google Android 2.3.5 and above

  • Connector.

    User access controls

    - Individual user
    - User group
    - Access profile
    - Security policy

SitePro – Nodes

Our ultra-low power nodes, are specifically designed to reliably collect sensor data, control remote equipment, and ensure integrity of communication with a central SitePro server.

Discover our range of nodes
SItePro Nodes Diagram

Further information

Further information about the SitePro Mobile Application for Android and Apple operating systems can be found in our brochure, which is now available to download.