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At the heart of SitePro is SiteNode 3G; our in-house designed, ultra low power, remote telemetry unit. While retaining the size and weight of earlier generations of SiteNode, SiteNode 3G is the most advanced remote telemetry unit developed and manufactured by Telemisis to date, taking end-to-end system reliability to new heights and significantly expands control and monitoring options at the remote asset.

With the introduction of 3G support customers have access to enhanced communications flexibility along with piece of mind, when facing the imminent sunset of 2G or 3G networks, across various regions.


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    Solid-state technology

    SiteNode 3G utilises the latest solid-state technology. With no moving parts, such as cooling fans or hard disc drives, SiteNode 3G is the industry leader in RMS reliability. Its dual processor design incorporates internal watchdogs for mutual performance verification and ensured reliability.

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    Communications fall back

    Telemisis have developed an industry leading, field proven fall back algorithm which ensures that SiteNode 3G provides best in class connection uptime. SiteNode 3G seamlessly falls back between all the supported communications protocols and between primary and secondary SIM cards.

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    Remotely upgradeable

    As with all SiteNodes, the new SiteNode 3G is completely remotely upgradeable and configurable; so there is no need to dispatch an engineer to site should the software or configuration need updating.

Telemisis SiteNode 3G (Back)

SiteNode 3G – Rear

Telemisis SiteNode 3G (Front)

SiteNode 3G – Front


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    The plethora of inputs and outputs supported by SiteNode 3G, results in a completely flexible remote telemetry unit, capable of monitoring and controlling the widest possible range of sensors and machines. If you can imagine it, we can monitor it.

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    Easy installation

    Flexibility does not mean complexity when it comes to installation. Downloading site profiles to SiteNode 3G, eliminates the need for configuration of the unit while on site.

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    With its small format and ultra low power consumption, SiteNode 3G is suitable for use in both fixed and mobile monitoring and control applications. Builtin GPS (including GLONASS support) and accelerometers enable advanced geo-fencing and motion detection applications.

Further information

Further information about SiteNode 3G and it’s operation can be found in our new brochure, which is available to download.