African TowerCo Reducing Fuel Bills By $3,000,000 Annually

Using Telemisis SitePro

SitePro Reducing Fuel Bills


Remote Site Operators around the world, whether they are Telecommunications Providers, Broadcasters or Utilities, continue to be highly dependent on diesel generators, either as the primary form of power at remote sites or for the provision of emergency power (in the case of natural disasters or more mundane failures in the local mains power grid) or for topping up back-up batteries overnight.

As such the cost of diesel fuel remains a significant proportion of a Remote Site Operators annual operating costs. As the global cost of diesel fuel remains high, a situation that is unlikely to change in the short term, Remote Site Operators need to find new ways to manage and reducing fuel bills. One such method is to improve invoice reconciliation and eliminate possible sources of fraud and theft from the fuel supply chain.


An African Tower Operating company is heavily dependant upon diesel generators to provide a consistent power supply to their estate of towers. Prior to installing Telemisis SitePro, the company had been invoiced by their fuel subcontractor using the readings of the bowsers fuel discharge gauge. Trust in the accuracy of these gauges was required along with approximate cross reference against expected fuel use and refuel requirements, as a check against gross refuelling errors.

After installing and commissioning SitePro, with its advanced diesel fuel monitoring module, the Tower Operator quickly identified, a consistent overstatement of the quantity of fuel delivered by the fuel sub-contractor, by as much as 10% versus that reported as delivered via the SitePro system.

SitePro was able to identify this discrepancy by accurately monitoring the actual quantities of fuel delivered to each site, as reported by the local SiteNode and a highly accurate fuel sensor installed in each diesel fuel tank. During the commissioning process the measurement accuracy of SitePro was shown to be ±1 litre.

Telemisis Fuel Consumption Chart

Using the evidence provide by SitePro, the Tower Operator was able to restructure their fuel supply contract, leading to an annual saving in fuel cost of approximately $3,000,000.

The SitePro auto calibration feature along with the use of super accurate, high quality fuel sensors, ensures that the fuel measurements provided can be relied upon as reference readings. These high quality accurate readings allow SitePro to calculate fuel consumption and leakage accurately, enabling organisations to act and react accordingly.


In addition to accurately monitoring and reporting actual volumes of fuel delivered to a remote site and enabling better invoice reconciliation, SitePro incorporates further functionality to combat other sources of fuel theft and fraud in the supply chain.

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    Geo-fenced bowser discharge

    SitePro can also be used to monitor in real-time, locations at which fuel is discharged from a bowser and raise alarms, if events occurs outside of a permitted zone, e.g., if a driver stops on route to a site and illicitly discharges fuel. This is possible with SiteNode fitted to the fuel bowser, monitoring both the quantity of fuel transported and location, using its in-built GPS capability and reporting discharge events and the location at which they occur.

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    Bowser discharge reconciliation

    SitePro can also be used to reconcile the quantity of fuel being discharged from a bowser into the site’s fuel tank and can raise alarms if any discrepancy arises, e.g., if some fuel is discharged into a jerry can rather than the sites fuel tank. This is possible with SiteNode fitted to both the bowser and a site’s fuel tank.

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    Fuel quality monitoring

    In addition to monitoring the quantity of fuel purchased, it is also possible for SitePro® to monitor the quality of fuel delivered. The system can detect and raise alarms, if fuel has been contaminated with lower cost alternatives, such as water, kerosene or low quality bio-diesels. All of which may indicate fraud in the supply chain and lead to generator damage.

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    Theft / leakage detection

    By continuously monitoring fuel tank hatches, fuel level and generator run-time, it is also possible to identify and raise alarms, if other suspicious events arise.

Conflicts of Interest

Bundling site infrastructure, remote monitoring and fuel management with the same third party subcontractor may lead to a potential conflict of interest between maximising their revenue and minimising fuel usage.

Telemisis do not provide refuelling services and therefore avoid this possible conflict of interest.

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