Asian Tower Operator proves SLA compliance with SitePro

Ensuring systematic invoice payment, improved cash flow and reduced operating costs

SitePro Proving SLA Compliance


Due to the potential for invoice disputes and resulting payment delays, an Asian Tower Operator required a means of proving their performance, against a tenant’s Service Level Agreement. To ensure prompt payment, the tenant insisted on regular compliance reports, in support of their invoice and settlement process, and a transparent audit trail.

In order to meet the tenant’s SLA, the Tower Operator must provide a DC power supply, between 43VDC and 60VDC, for 99.8% of the time. Any failure to meet this service level, in a given month, results in withheld payments. The on-site power system supplying the tenant’s cellular communications equipment, consists of a battery chain that is recharged, on demand, by a diesel generator.

The Tower Operator was initially sceptical whether a remote monitoring system could provide the evidence necessary to satisfy the tenant. Based upon prior experience, harsh local weather conditions and the potential for cellular network outages, they doubted such a system could consistently provide the information required.

Proving SLA compliance with SitePro

The solution provided to the Tower Operator includes a SitePro server, hosted by Telemisis, and SiteNodes, our in-house designed, ultra low power, solid-state, remote telemetry unit. With it’s dual SIM capability and field proven communications fallback algorithm, SiteNode is able to maintain a link to the central server, even under the challenging conditions encountered during this deployment.

In order to gather and report the necessary compliance information, SiteNode monitors the DC power supply to the tenant’s cellular communications equipment. Additional parameters, that could affect performance against the SLA, are also monitored:

Power generation

Ambient temperature

Fuel supply


Battery charging

In addition to providing information to the SitePro server, SiteNode will autonomously identify performance issues and send email and SMS messages to the Tower Operator’s nominated support staff, informing them that urgent action is required.

To provide the required audit trail, the SitePro server stores all data retrieved from all sites monitored by the system. If a parameter approaches pre-configured thresholds, warnings and alarms are generated and support staff notified.

SitePro’s comprehensive reporting module allows the Tower Operator to customise and automatically generate all the reports necessary to meet the strict requirements of the tenant. Support staff can also produce ad-hoc audit and management reports, as and when necessary.

Customer Benefits

Following the installation and commissioning of SitePro, the Tower Operator is now able to prove SLA compliance to the satisfaction of the tenant, by means of regular compliance reports and a transparent audit trail. This has significantly reduced the number of disputed
invoices, reduced settlement times and improved cash flow.

In addition to benefiting from improved cash flow, brought about by prompt invoice payments, the Tower Operator has realised additional operational savings:

Proactive Maintenance

By monitoring additional site parameters the Tower Operator can now identify issues and take remedial action, well before they can escalate and affect performance against the SLA.

Optimised fuel supply chain

By monitoring fuel quantity, quality and consumption against generator runtime, the Tower Operator can now schedule refuelling more efficiently and identify potential incidents of fuel theft or fraud.

Chris Begent, Commercial Director, Telemisis

Chris Begent
Commercial Director, Telemisis

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