Asian Tower Operator Identifies Annual Fuel Savings Of
$1,200,000 by monitoring Generator runtime

using telemisis sitepro

SitePro Generator Runtime Monitoring


Remote Site Operators around the world, whether they are Telecommunications Providers, Broadcasters or Utilities, continue to be highly dependent on diesel generators, either as the primary form of power at remote sites or for the provision of emergency power (in the case of natural disasters or more mundane failures in the local mains power grid) or for topping up back-up batteries overnight.

As such the cost of diesel fuel remains a significant proportion of a Remote Site Operators annual operating costs. As the global cost of diesel fuel remains high, a situation that is unlikely to change in the short term, Remote Site Operators need to find new ways to manage their rocketing diesel fuel bills. One such method is to ensure that generator fleets are running at optimum efficiency.

Generator runtime monitoring

Typically diesel generators start up off-load for a short run in period, typically of 1 minute, prior to switching to on-load running. In order to optimise fuel usage, off-load running of generators needs to be configured in accordance with the manufactures specification and operating environment.

During the initial deployment of Telemisis SitePro by an Asian Tower Operator, the SitePro system identified that diesel generators were running off-load for extended periods. The generators, which were being used daily to top-up back-up batteries, were running for 30 minutes off-load, during their start-up sequence, thus wasting significant quantities of fuel.

Upon further analysis, it became apparent that a simple configuration error resulted in a 30x increase in off-load running. The problem was further exacerbated by the fact this erroneous configuration was deployed to 200 sites.

Diesel Generator
Generator Runtime Error

By deploying SitePro, the Tower Operator was able to identify savings of $1,200,000 in its annual diesel fuel bill by simply correcting the diesel generator configuration, that would have otherwise continued to go unnoticed.

It should be noted that these savings were identified very early, even before the SitePro system was fully deployed across the entire tower estate.

Additional Capabilities

Optimised for management of machine fleets of all sizes, SitePro enables operators of generator fleets:

  • Optimise machine performance
  • Provide security for remote assets
  • Maximise machine uptime
  • Reduce machine operating costs
  • Identify asset and fuel theft and fraud

Telemisis SitePro is advanced end-to-end remote monitoring and control system. Utilising SiteNode (our in-house designed, ultra low power, small form factor, remote telemetry unit), which is compatible with a wide range of machine control panels, the system allows fleet operators to manage assets remotely.

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    Improved service management

    By monitoring run status and run time, combined with oil pressure, engine and exhaust temperature, SitePro, can provide invaluable insights into remote machine performance.

    This management data allows effective service scheduling and preventative maintenance to be implemented.

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    Continuous asset tracking

    SiteNode's built in GPS and accelerometer also allows fleet operators to track the current location of each asset. Geo-fencing will automatically raise an alarm, and can send a text or email directly to nominated personnel, if the asset is moved without authorisation.

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    Enhanced security

    The system can also be configured such that opening individual panels on the machine, raising alerts in the event of unauthorised tampering with a remote machine.

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    Advanced remote control

    The system also allows an operator to take remote control of the generator or machine, providing remote start, stop and breaker control.

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    Secure fuel management

    Through accurate sensing of fuel levels, SitePro, utilises the machine’s runtime history including any excessive off-load runtime to predict refuelling requirements. The system is also capable of detecting and alerting fuel contamination and fuel theft events.

    Combined with asset tracking, SitePro can also alerts if a fuel bowser is discharged or filled outside of a permitted zone.

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