Benefits and Features



A single, compatible system that plugs into your whole business for instant accurate results
  1. SitePro interface kits fit most fleet power, heat and cooling models, controllers and tanks

  2. Cloud based data is accessible from multiple digital devices by multiple users 

  3. SitePro software works with an extensive range of your existing IT and data systems

  4. Information appears on a pre-set performance dashboard which can be individually tailored 

  5. Simple and affordable monthly service price and no additional SIM required



The total oversight to maximise real-time machine and fleet productivity driving business growth every day
  1. Real time data analyses hours, fuel consumption and events outside expected range 

  2. Records machine usage and condition, linking information with existing back office systems 

  3. Helps plan investment and resources to maximise business profitability and growth

  4. Dashboards designed for industry performance management

  5. Superior intelligence allows for more strategic fleet planning 



Better time, resource and financial management for improved profitability
  1. Better remote engineering access 

  2. Automatic intelligence on machine condition and early warning of possible failures

  3. Maintenance tracked and automatically scheduled when needed

  4. Tracks exact location of mobile assets. Geo-fencing provides added security & functionality

  5. Savings in money, time and precious environmental resources 



Quicker customer response and added value delivering competitive advantage
  1. Know immediately when your customer needs help/support

  2. Manage issues to hit your SLAs every time

  3. Forward plan machine fleet composition from customer usage data

  4. Offer machine monitoring as an added service or revenue stream

  5. Sell the benefits of machine monitoring to customers and sales teams