System-Wide and Equipment-Focused Dashboards

SitePro provides access to your machines in flexible ways:

Through its web interface supported by all mainstream browsers
  1. Fleet wide and machine-focused dashboards providing at a glance visibility of key information and easy drill down for more detail

  2. Easy to use geographical maps interface to easily find location of your machines and tanks with click through to get more detailed information 

  3. List views with powerful filters and search feature to locate equipment in larger fleets

  4. Graphing of historical trends including comparison of readings on the same timeline

  5. Maintenance and refuelling screens for quick access to information to manage service activities plus easy creation of automatic reports.    


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Through its mobile application
  1. Easy access to your machines while on the go through a clear and concise mobile app

  2. Scan to access information makes engineer use of the mobile app on site simple and swift.