Oil and Gas Operations

Sectors Monitoring and Control for Oil and Gas Facilities

Protect Production. Optimise Distribution.

In the event of a mains power failure, mission critical standby generators must be able to provide an alternative power source. Failure to provide an instant response, would result in lost production and revenue. Telemisis SitePro is a field proven, globally deployed, remote monitoring and control solution. SitePro ensures generators are able to instantly respond to demand, and run efficiently, protecting critical upstream extraction operations and downstream production. The control and monitoring capabilities of SitePro ensures that mission critical facilities and assets are optimised and maintained for peak performance and state of readiness to lower the total cost of ownership and providing rapid return on investment.

In addition, the liquid level monitoring capabilities of SitePro, ensures optimum availability to meet fiscal transfer schedules, and storage facilities are optimised for Port Terminal Management.

The power, and relative phase monitoring capabilities of SitePro, provides insights into the performance of Distribution Transformers in substations enabling Distributed Network Operators to monitor load demand, whilst maintaining optimum performance and scheduling preventative maintenance.

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    Data, as well as alerts and alarms are sent from the remote asset to the central SitePro server. Information can be filtered based on severity and escalation path. Designed for generator, energy, and liquid level monitoring, SitePro enables Oil and Gas, and Port Terminal operators to gain actionable insights into the availability and performance of remote assets.

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    In addition to providing a clear audit trail and access to historic data, SitePro facilitates better decision making. Operations staff can predict and maintenance, service and refuelling requirements more accurately, therefore scheduling timely intervention, maximising asset readiness, up-time and reducing operating costs.

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    Supporting remote control of a broad range of asset types, SitePro ensures optimum operation is maintained. Generators, process input and output, and other assets can be operated remotely from a control room, allowing start and stop, mode change, or on/off commands. A wide variety of problems can be solved without the need for an expensive site visit and preparedness for any catastrophic event is maintained.

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    SitePro’s comprehensive reporting and graphing functions provide a detailed, yet straightforward means of analysing readiness and performance of individual assets, groups of assets or the entire estate.
    Historic trends can be used to optimise resources, diagnose problems, or as proof that performance targets are being met.


The deployment of Telemisis SitePro enables Oil and Gas upstream operators, Distributed Network Operators and Port Terminal storage and management operators to ensure 24x7x365 operation and maximise Return on Investment.

Minimise power outages

Maximise production

Maximise Return on investment

identify performance optimisation


Identify product availability for Fiscal transfer


Drawing upon all our experience of deploying remote monitoring and control and Industrial IoT solutions, across the globe and across a wide range of industries, Telemisis SitePro has been specifically architected to ease deployment, increase speed of roll out, lower the cost of ownership maximising RoI.

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    Integration Simplified

    Integration with existing SCADA and ERP systems is simplified using API interfaces to provide overall central control.

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    Remotely Configurable

    The telemetry nodes deployed at the remote asset are remotely configurable, eliminating the need to visit site.

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    Investment Optimised

    The solution can be deployed as either a Cloud based SaaS or, for larger enterprises, as a self-hosted solution, behind a client’s firewall.

    As monitoring and control demands grow, either through increase in the number or type of assets connected to the system, and/or an increase in the number of system users, SitePro scales seamlessly. If required, the initial deployment can be provided as a Cloud based SaaS before migrating to dedicated self-hosted server.

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    Location Identified

    The GPS capability of site nodes, provides the ability to identify the geographic location of assets, and provide geofenced alarms, if assets are moved without authorisation.



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