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Reduce tank operating costs through optimised site visits

Telemisis provide an out-of-the-box Liquid Storage Tank Monitoring Solution which is simple and easy to deploy, that combines SitePro, TankNode, and cellular airtime, with a novel business model.

Available with a small upfront capital investment, our Liquid Storage Tank Monitoring Solution allows owners and operators of liquid storage tanks, including water, diesel, heating oil, lubricating oil, and AdBlue tanks, to reduce the operating costs of their assets by optimising site visits and avoiding or mitigating potentially costly events.

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    SitePro replaces the need for expensive site visits to monitor liquid levels. Using the new solution, operators can monitor liquid levels remotely from their computer via a web portal, or by phone or tablet using the Android or IoS application, without the need for an on-site presence.

    For mobile liquid storage tanks, the solution can be used to set geographic boundaries and raise alerts if the tank moves beyond these boundaries.

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    Predict and Schedule

    Continuously monitoring liquid levels enables asset operators to accurately forecast usage, and schedule replenishment visits. When replenished SitePro can be used to verify actual delivery volumes against invoiced volumes.

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    Analyse and Report

    In addition to monitoring liquid levels, SitePro provides a wide range of analysis, reporting and compliance capabilities.

Already in operation with major international organisations, our new Liquid Storage Tank Monitoring Solution, drives down tank operating costs, while minimising capital expenditure … providing a pathway to additional monitoring and control capabilities

Chris Begent, Commercial Director

Once in operation, the solution can be expanded to monitor and control other asset types, such as generators, communications infrastructure, and industrial processes, through the deployment of additional SiteNode3G and SiteNode3G+; while retaining the same SitePro user interface, applications and back-end.


At the heart of the Liquid Storage Tank Monitoring Solution, is our latest remote telemetry unit, TankNode. TankNode, which has been specifically designed for liquid level monitoring applications, is a battery powered, IP67 node with an integrated liquid level sensor. Designed to be fitted directly to the top of a liquid storage tank, TankNode incorporates a compensated hydrostatic level sensors, suitable for ½ inch BSP tank entry and tanks up to three metres in depth. TankNode includes a GSM wireless connection for connection to the SitePro server and GPS for ease of location on the map interface. Typical operation period on batteries is 1 year without replacement.

TankNode - Perspective View

Some of the key readings and alerts provided by the solution include:

Liquid Level (volume)

Liquid Level (percentage)

High and Low Liquid level alerts

Graphing and reporting

Theft & leak detection and alerts

GPS Location

Battery level

Battery low & replacement alert

Missed poll alert

Refill detection and Alerts

Designed To Ease Deployment

Drawing upon all of our experience of deploying remote monitoring and control solutions across the globe, our Liquid Storage Tank Monitoring Solution has been specifically architected to ease deployment and increase speed of roll out.

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    External Power Eliminated

    As TankNode is battery operated, for up to a year under normal operating conditions, there is no need to provide an AC or DC power source at the remote tank.

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    Tank Capacity Calculated

    At time of commissioning, simply chose a stored tank profile, or select a take shape and enter its dimensions and the tank capacity is automatically calculated.

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    Sensor Installation Simplified

    The choice of flexible level sensing technology means that a single sensor can be used for any depth of tank, up to three metres, eliminating the need to hold stock of different (and exact) length sensors, ensures the full depth of the tank can be utilised, and enables sensor installation to be performed without draining the tank.

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    Airtime Included

    The solution includes airtime capable of being used in over 100 countries, eliminating the need to manage SIM cards and airtime packages.

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    Capex Reduced

    Available with no upfront capital investment, our Liquid Storage Tank Monitoring Solution flexibly scales as an operators demands expand over time.


Further information about the Liquid Storage Monitoring Solution can be found in our new brochure, which is available to download.

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