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Process and Infrastructure monitoring and control

SitePro is a cost effective solution for industrial process and infrastructure monitoring and control. SitePro is flexible and easy to install – improving your customer experience and allowing you to easily prove SLA compliance:

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    Process Output

    SitePro replaces the need for expensive site visits to monitor and adjust process performance. Monitor process output, for example, flow rate, pressure, volume, percentage purity, storage levels, and much more, without the need for an onsite presence.

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    Process Input

    Monitoring the process enables you to accurate forecast usage, identify potential theft and schedule replenishment visits accurately.

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    Ancillary Equipment & Environment

    In addition to monitoring an end-to-end process, SitePro enables you to monitor supporting infrastructure, ensuring power is available, environmental conditions are maintain and the site is secured.

For many applications a full SCADA deployment will be too expensive and too inflexible. SitePro – Site Manager is a flexible, cost effective solution; without the need to embark on a full custom software development.


“SitePro has proven to be a valuable tool for monitoring gas production on our client sites, enabling us to ensure our clients have the best possible experience. SitePro is a first-rate system backed up by a helpful team from Telemisis, which has made installing and using the system a pleasure”

Catherine Begley (Project Engineer)

Generator Monitoring and Control

A common application for which our customers us SitePro is generator monitoring and control. SitePro’s generator monitoring and control can be achieved using either a direct connection to a generator control panel (preferred method) or via additional external contacts.

When operating generators or other types of machines at remote sites, fuel is at constant risk of theft and fraud. SitePro, with its class leading fuel management module, provides a wealth of information to streamline and protect your fuel management operation.

Some of the key benefits of SitePro when used for generator monitoring includes:

Calculated generator runtime

Actual fuel level

Forecast refuel dates

Fuel contamination detection

Fuel theft detection

Predicted service interval

Fuel consumption

Actual refuel reports

Fuel leak detection

Invoice reconciliation

More information about advanced generator monitoring and control can be found on our microsite

Power Monitoring

Power is the lifeblood of your sites. If power is unavailable or out of tolerance your site will either be off-the-air or performing poorly. Depending upon the site configuration there will be one or more power sources supplying the equipment. It is vitally important to know if any of them fail or become unreliable. However, it is important to be “intelligent” in what is reported. Short interruptions of grid power are normally not of concern. Long term failure of one or all of the supply phases can be a concern and may need action. DC failure to site equipment or rapid depletion of site batteries is important, as this is likely to take the site off-air and impact your customers. SitePro offers highly flexible power monitoring for all stages of the power system, providing valuable information such as:

AC grid power

DC battery performance

Power consumed

DC Power Consumed

Environmental Monitoring and Site Security

In some circumstances security is a significant concern and having alerts and confirmation that there is an unauthorised entry to site would be useful. SitePro has multiple options for site security monitoring from gate and door sensors to high reliability internal or external movement sensors for detection of site intrusion. Site panic buttons are also available to provide personnel security for your employees working on site.

Environmental conditions can have a big impact on the performance of site equipment. In some cases a failure in site air-conditioning or water ingress can be a reason for site downtime. Sometimes this might result in the dispatch of an engineer to fix transmission problems only to discover that the equipment shutdown was due to environmental issues. SitePro provides detailed information on the environmental conditions on site, which enables the efficient deployment of resource as needed. Some of the environmental information available is listed below.


Fire detection


Flood detection

At Telemisis we understand that the configuration of your sites vary in many ways from switch sites, hubs to micro and pico cells. Some have full size cabins and some just small enclosures. With its small footprint (110mm x 85 mm x 30mm), low power, rugged and solid-state design, SiteNode, will fit easily wherever required. Proven to be resilient and reliable in the harshest of conditions, with class leading communications fall back, SitePro will continue to keep you informed when the other equipment has failed.


SitePro has been specifically developed to meet the remote monitoring and control needs of operators of small or remote processing and industrial plant.