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Getting Started

Whether your equipment monitoring needs are large or small you get the reassurance of our unique SitePro Performance Guarantee.


A consultation with our team will help to understand your needs and let us know how many machines you want to monitor and which functions are to be measured. Our technical support team will explain the various modes of operation and the benefits to you and your business.


Based on your specific requirements we’ll deliver machine and tank interface kits to your chosen locations. The Telemisis technical support team can offer installation help including the training of your own engineers.


Once the kits are fitted to your equipment, power them up and they will automatically connect to the SitePro monitoring service, it’s that simple!


Log-on to SitePro using your browser and select the configuration that matches your machine or tank and start enjoying the benefits.


To help you get the most from your investment Telemisis provides additional training and support.


It’s worth remembering, what you have today may change in the future. Our ongoing account management will help you achieve maximum benefits from SitePro as you grow because we understand the need to plan and adapt to achieve you goals.

Contact our sales team on 03333 660088 or complete our downloadable enquiry form and email it to:

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