Frequently Asked Questions


Will SitePro work with different types of equipment?

Yes, the system works with a wide range of equipment (including tanks), machinery, interfaces and controllers.


Can SitePro monitor older machines without intelligent controls?

Although the system would be unable to provide data level interfacing detail, it can use contact-based monitoring to provide a wide range of very useful information including run hours, general alarm and fuel usage if the machine has a fuel sensor along with location and tracking.


What happens if there is no mobile signal where the equipment is to be sited?

For a small extra cost we can provide a SiteNode which uses Iridium satellite communications to ensure ‘go-anywhere’ coverage. Alternatively, the SiteNode can be linked through standard ethernet connection to a nearby computer network.


How big is the SiteNode?

110mm wide x 85mm deep x 30mm high


Will SiteNode cause my battery to go flat?

No, the system only consumes around 500mW (0.5W) of power in action and 20mW when it goes into sleep mode when not in use. This means a starter battery would be unaffected for more than a year.