Announcing the launch of new generator monitoring and control solution


Telemisis Launch New
Generator Monitoring and Control Solution

Reduce fleet operating costs by up to 55%.

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM, 8th January 2019: Telemisis, a leading provider of Industrial IoT and remote monitoring and control solutions for industrial and telecommunications applications, today announces the launch of a new Generator Monitoring and Control Solution.

Consisting of SitePro, SiteNode, cellular airtime, and a novel business model, the new solution provides an out-of-the-box generator monitoring and control capability that is simple and easy to deploy.

Our Advanced Generator Monitoring and Control Solution is compatible with a huge range of generator and machines from a broad range of manufacturers and has been designed to be deployed on generators ranging from below 10KVA to over 3MWs (and other machines such as chillers and compressors), enabling fleet operators to reduce their operating costs by up to 55%.

Generator monitoring - Maintenance

Optimise Maintenance Schedules

Generator monitoring - Fuel

MINIMISE Fuel Use, Theft and Fraud

Generator monitoring - Security

Enhance asset

Building upon over a decade’s experience of providing SitePro to the world’s largest generator and machine rental company, our new remote monitoring and control solution can reduce fleet operating costs by up to 55%, while minimising capital expenditure.

Chris Begent, Commercial Director, Telemisis

Flexibility as standard

Once in operation, the solution can be expanded to monitor and control other asset types and industrial processes, through the deployment of additional SiteNode3G and SiteNode3G+. With the deployment of TankNodes the solution can also be expanded to include liquid storage tank monitoring through; while retaining the same SitePro user interface, applications and back-end.

About Telemisis

Telemisis designs, develops and manufacturers one of the most advanced remote monitoring, control and Internet of Things solutions for a range of industry sectors and applications.

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