Tony Richardson

Managing Director

About Tony Richardson

Tony is a telecommunications entrepeneur and systems design expert with nearly 30 years industry experience. One of the early employees at Orange, Tony then helped form Aethos Communications where he was instrumental in the design and development of one of the first pre-paid cellular systems. The Aethos Service Node was attracting worldwide revenues for Aethos of over £20M per annum until the acquisition of Aethos by Logica. In 2000, alongside other Aethos colleagues, Tony formed and managed a successful telecoms design consultancy, TGS Ltd alongside several other companies Tactus Ltd, Tactus Telemetry Solutions Ltd and Sensustech Ltd. This group of compnies were later acquired by AlanDick Group in 2005. In 2008 Tony led the management buyout of the Telemetry Division from AlanDick which is now Telemisis.

Tony Richardson
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    Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

    This article explores the role of advanced remote monitoring and control systems in the development of a disaster preparedness strategy and how such systems can be used to manage and recover infrastructure before, during and after an event.

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